Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snowfall, Wrens and Update

Hi Folks,

Hello and Welcome to the newcomers as well as those folks who have been with me awhile. I am once again active on the web :) My self-imposed exile is over lol. I do tend to keep closer to home and hearth in the winter season and some years it just seems to take me longer to get back into the swing of things online and off -- one of the penalties/pleasures of living in semi-isolation out here in the back country I suppose.

We had a colder than usual winter this past year and even had a snowfall in February. I know, nothing unusual about snowfall right? Except for the fact that I currently live in Florida!! Here are some photos I took to document this rare event ;)

I also had the most splendid company in the form of a pair of wrens and their chicks when they nested in the Witch House (my office/library) this Spring. It was incredible to sit at my desk and watch the parents coming to and fro with worms, bugs and other delectable items for the chicks they raised. They were less than 5 feet away from me and I felt quite privileged to be a spectator on the sidelines as the little chicks hatched, grew and eventually fledged. They all left the nest on the eve of Mother's Day and they still come to visit and perch atop the door-jamb on occasion.

I've also been in the process of playing musical explain, my son purchased a new computer and I inherited his laptop. My husband inherited my old computer and we've been moving files from one to the other and getting them all organized etc.. I didn't have a cable to directly connect the comps together (which would have made things immensely easier) so I found a handy tool online to use to help. It's called DropBox, check them out by clicking here, you may find them as useful as I did!

Now that I've just about gotten this new laptop configured the way I want it I can begin compiling the old HedgeWytchery site into a .pdf document. I've still got some clean-up and some editing to do so it will take a few days to complete this project. I'll post an announcement here when it is ready and provide a link to my Scribd page where I'll store the .pdf document for ease in downloading or reading online.

I'm also working on another project, an actual book, with pages and everything ;)! This project will take a little longer to complete and the book should be ready by Autumn hopefully. I'll post more information about this as it becomes available. I'm really excited that my son is collaborating by doing the illustrations and will post some examples of his work later for you to enjoy.

That's it for now, take care -- see you 'round the Milky Way!

- Dawn


nefaeria said...

Hello Dawn,

It is fantastic to see you have come back. :) I have missed reading your blog and I do hope that you have kept well.

It must have been really neat to having nesting wrens as close neighbours and I am really looking forward to both your upcoming projects!

SlĂ inte!


Lisa said...

Glad to see you back!

Marilyn said...

Hi Dawn!

It is truly wonderful to have you back and you have no idea how happy that makes me!

I've missed your posts and insights very much. Just checking out the Scribd page and it looks quite fascinating.

Thanks much for all you do!
*big squeezy HUG*


Dawn R. Jackson said...

Many thanks to Marilyn, Lisa and Laurel for giving me a warm welcome back into the waters of the web lol!

I've missed being in contact with you guys and am glad to be able to catch up to what I've been missing these last few months :)

Love ya,


stella said...

Dawn - if you happen to read this, you might want to send this person a DMCA Takedown notice.

It's old, I know...just happened to see it. Going to have a look around there now and see who else she stole from.

Hekula Borax said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hekula Borax said...

Stella, this is Luketha Corvidae fellow member of Dawn's House Corax. I have sent a notice to Wordpress and the individual plagiarizing Dawn's site. If the person does not comply I will file a DMCA Take-Down. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

May the Hawthorn Bloom for You,

Luketha corvidae AKA Mister Borax.

James Lafferty said...

Hello Dawn Jackson!
After trying unsuccessfully to find a means of contacting you more directly, i figure i will try this - i am so deeply moved, inspired by your work, your card-reading system. it has meant a lot to me recently, and i was wondering if you had ever thought of turning the rhyme intended for the "witch of poor memory" into something like a children's book? i just wish i had had access to this when i was very, very young! what an amazing system! many many many thanks!

j lafferty
maui, /HI

Hekula Borax said...

Hello James. Dawn has retured some years ago. I am a fellow memeber of her working group. Thank you for your interest and note that I will pass on the message.

May the Hawthorn bloom for you.

Hekula Borax said...

Hello James. Dawn has retured some years ago. I am a fellow memeber of her working group. Thank you for your interest and note that I will pass on the message.

May the Hawthorn bloom for you.

Hekula Borax said...

Hekula Borax said...